Macro practice <3

This is my favorite, and I think its a good sign that it showed up in my dash today :)


Macro practice <3

This is my favorite, and I think its a good sign that it showed up in my dash today :)

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Recorded this for all those who are struggling with depression, sadness, and anxiety - Please don’t give up on life.

“Properly understood, it is not a science, not a technique, but an art form. It is one organized spirit going after another person’s spirit for connection, confrontation, and an exchange of talent and energy”- Edward T. Chambers

A drawing for my little brother&#8217;s project on Hilary Clinton. Didn&#8217;t know whether to laugh or cry :)

A drawing for my little brother’s project on Hilary Clinton. Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry :)

Love and Loneliness

You meet someone and they blow you away, they rock your world. They open your soul, and reach in and grab hold of all the little idiosyncrasies and quirks. They hold you, they hold you heart.
But then, something happens.
It all falls apart, and you are left feeling like you are missing the most important tooth of your life. There is a hole is your world, and it bleeds. You are restless, desperate, aching.
Then, fog starts to dissipate, you begin to heal. You realize how FREE you are, how nothing holds you back. Their face fades and you return to yourself, and you commit to YOURSELF. You do what you want, run on your own schedule and it feels GOOD. for a little.
Then, you don’t want to admit it, but you get bored. But You say ‘I’m independent, who needs it, so what?” Plus, deep down, you are scared. Things end, you don’t want to go through that again. You start filling your life with things, hobbies and hookups and jobs and obligations, anything to FILL THE GAPS.
But one day, inevitably, it will be all stripped away. You are idle and alone, and you feel the giant void that comes from having no one to adventure with, no one whose scent means comfort, yet excitement, no one to bounce your joy off of, or your sorrow.

You realize that human beings are meant to share life, and love, with each other.

We are puzzle peaces, we are keys to locks.

We fill the gaps in each others’ souls.

Those gaps are there to bond us, help us belong to each other, and I can’t ignore it or neglect it anymore.

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~the walls in here are far too white

it is raining outside and all  i know

is that it needs to change 

i need the warmth and the color within to stand the cold

natural cleansing of the world beyond ~

If we believe we will get through it, we will emerge on the other side, maybe tired, maybe bruised, but alive.

Something about the Presidential Debate has sent me into a tiny tailspin…

Suddenly, all I want to do is peace out.

Find someone I love, dread my hair, live in a yurt, have some babies and create my own personal paradise. 

Because the world outside my head is even more fucked up than the one inside.

Working to try to change it is so tiring. Rewarding, but so so tiring.

And the only conclusion that I come to is that there is no conclusion, just different perspectives, different senses of duty, and they will duel it out for the rest of time. And that is politics. And that is our world.

"Sometimes you know that the people you love are going to leave you, follow a different path, grow apart from you, set sail for different seas. I’ve known that was going to happen for a long time. Maybe as soon as I met you. But It doesn’t mean I don’t cherish your friendship. Every conversation, good or bad. I am thankful for you everyday."

To Future Parents

Love your children. 

Please, just love your children, and accept them for who they are. I am so sick and tired of my friends, especially my gay friends, having to worry about how they should express themselves, in totally natural ways, because of their parents opinions. In my mind all I can think is “They made them, why can’t they love them?” 

So someday, when you are a parent, and you look at that creature that has been born into the world, who has exactly half of your genes, love them. But most of all, do your best to understand them, as they naturally are. Because if your child isn’t hurting anyone, there is nothing wrong with them. 

If your daughter wants to add an impractical second major, let her. 

If your young son won’t stop reading Harry Potter books, leave him alone, those books will teach him more than you realize. 

And if your child is Gay, or Trans, or Bi, or any shade of the rainbow that you weren’t expecting, LOVE THEM - because all they want is for you to accept the way that they love. Thats is all anyone wants, to be honest. And there is too much pain in the world for the hate to keep coming from the people put on the earth before us to protect and guide us.